Jalapeno Hot Pepper Sauces

The jalapeño or jalapeno is a medium to large size chili pepper which is prized for the warm, burning sensation when eaten. Ripe, the jalapeño can be 2–3½ inches (5–9 cm) long and is commonly sold when still green. It is a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum. The name jalapeño is pronounced (hal-a-PAIN-yo) in English, and [xalaˈpeno] or [halaˈpeno] (depending on dialect) in Spanish. It is named after the town of Xalapa, Veracruz, where it was traditionally produced. 160 square kilometres are dedicated for the cultivation of jalapeño in Mexico alone; primarily in the Papaloapan river basin in the north of the state of Veracruz and in the Delicias, Chihuahua area. The jalapeño is known by different names throughout Mexico. Jalapeños are also known as cuaresmeños, huachinangos and chiles gordos. The jalapeño rates between 2,500 and 10,000 Scoville units in heat.