Vicious Viper Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Vicious Viper Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 147 ml): As seen on FoodTV's Eat The Heat program. Let the Vicious Viper bite you with her lethal, venomous heat... If you think you already had the hottest sauce in the universe, think again. You don't know hot until you've been bitten by the Vicious Viper. Vicious but delicious.

From Ohio.

Ingredients: Vinegar, mustard, Habanero and Chile De Arbol peppers, tomatoes, red papaya, guava, pineapple, yellow papaya, banana, passion fruit juice, guava juice, orange juice, Capsaicin, salt, sugar, lemon juice and natural spices. No Fat, No Sodium, No Cholesterol, No Carb, No Sugar.

20 Reviews

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    It'S Got A Little Kick

    Posted by Nathan Ziehnert on Jan 31st 2009

    I'Ve Used Vv For A Few Different Applications And None Of Them Have Particularly Stuck, With The Exception Of Spicing Up Hot Wing Sauces. It Mixes Well With Bbq And Frank'S Red Hot - It Heats Them Up Without Adding To The Flavor. This Is Particularly Helpful, Becuase I Don'T Find The Taste Of Vv Pleasant. The Flavor Is Not Terrible (For That, Try Dave'S Insanity), But It'S Not Great Either. Hot Sauces In This Spice Level Generally Have A Better Taste Imho. The Heat Is There, But It Does Leave Something To Be Desired. Given The Flavor Of The Sauce, I Would Expect It To Be Hotter, But It'S Still A Fun Sauce The Prank The Roommates With. Flavor: 4/10. Heat: 5/10. Mixability: 7/10. Overall: 6/10
    ~Centennial, Co United States~

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    Definantly Vicious

    Posted by Brad on Apr 7th 2008

    The First Time I Tried This Sauce, It Choked Me Up,Lol It Went Straight To The Bakc Of My Throat. I Guess That Was The Viper Biting Me... This Is An Extract Sauce, So Be Careful On What You Put It On. I Did Put It In A Pot Of Chili, And It Heated It Very Very Well. So If Your Looking For A Sauce To Spice Up Your Chilies Or Soups, And Stuff Like That, Then This Sauce Is For You. Highly Recommended.
    ~Scarsdale, Ny United States~