Simply Chili Select Puree Gift Set, 7/5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000
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Simply Chili Select Puree Gift Set, 7/5oz. - This gift set includes all of the best Hot Sauce flavors from Cajohn's Simply Chili Select line of puree hot sauces. Gift set includes 1 of each the following 7 flavors: Simply Chili Select Cayenne Puree, Simply Chili Select Chipotle Puree, Simply Chili Select Fatalii Puree, Simply Chili Select Jalapeno Puree, Simply Chili Select Orange Habanero Puree, Simply Chili Select Serrano Puree, and Simply Chili Select Red Savina Puree.

CaJohn selects only the finest chiles for his signature line of purees. Ground fresh from the fields, they are blended with distilled vinegar. Citric acid and Vitamin C are added to preserve color, then bottled immediately. The result is a minimum of 80 percent chile solids, more than four times the content of most hot sauces. These purees are wonderful for inclusion in your culinary creations, or you can use them to create sauces of your own design. Their use is limited only by your imagination. From CaJohn's kitchen to yours, enjoy.

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