Simply Chili Select Fatalii Puree, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000
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Simply Chili Select Fatalii Puree (5 FL.OZ. / 148 ml): CaJohn selects only the finest chiles for his signature line of purees. Ground fresh from the fields, they are blended with distilled vinegar. Citric acid and Vitamin C are added to preserve color, then bottled immediately. The result is a minimum of 80 percent chili solids, more than four times the content of most hot sauces. These purees are wonderful for inclusion in your culinary creations, or you can use them to create sauces of your own design. Their use is limited only by your imagination. From CaJohn's kitchen to yours, enjoy.

Fatalii Chiles, Distilled Vinegar, Citric Acid, and Ascorbic Acid.

13 Reviews

  • 5
    Fatalii Puree

    Posted by Kim White on Mar 22nd 2020

    Finest Kind Indeed, I have had other fatalii hot sauces from bad to decent, I do prefer no adds such as carrots, bell peppers etc as i love the aroma and flavor of Fatalii in its pure form.Plus, this stuff will Light Up Your Life :)

  • 4
    Thin but tasty

    Posted by Jack H on Aug 28th 2019

    Definite Fatali flavor but could use a little less vinegar.

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    Pretty good, would recommend

    Posted by Lou on Aug 1st 2019

    Delivered just what I expected, very spicy, lots of flavor, clean taste. I love fatalii chilis and you just don't see them around so I was happy that this product proved to be a good substitute for the fresh chili peppers. The fatalii has a super bright citrus flavor and all the heat of a habanero and both aspects really came through with this product. It was nice that they kept the flavor pure without trying to jazz it up with a bunch of seasonings or dilute it with some more common chilis, although the vinegar perhaps came through just a little too much. I use it as an all purpose hot sauce and it is perfect for blending into your own custom sauce or adding flavor to any number of savory or sweet dishes that would pair with citrus and spiciness. Overall I highly recommend this hot sauce and would buy it again. My only suggestion to improve this product is to get a better label and update the website. The weirdly low res and underproduced look made this product and site seem kind of sketchy at first. I hope you guys can get some better marketing so more people will end up trying these types of products with less common chilis and maybe we can see a wider variety of them for sale in the future.

  • 5

    Posted by Brad Colburn on Jan 13th 2017

    What A Great Sauce For Those That Love The Flavor Of The Fatalii Pepper! Good Heat That Doesn'T Overpower That Great Citrus Fatalii Flavor!
    ~Niagara, Wi United States~

  • 5
    Love It!

    Posted by Anthony on Dec 14th 2016

    Lately I'Ve Been On A Kick For Cajohn'S Purée Selection, And The Fatallii Variety Is My Absolute Favorite Sauce. Just A Perfect Chili. Buy It!
    ~Las Vegas , Nv United States~

  • 4

    Posted by Ivan Graham on Sep 5th 2016

    Wow! I Was Surprised How Hot This Sauce Is. A Little Goes A Long Way. Used It To Make Some Hot Wings And They Were The Hottest Wings I'Ve Had. Brings The Heat, But Also Has A Great Taste And Smell.
    ~Chilliwack, Bc Canada~

  • 5
    Simply Chili

    Posted by Intermediate on Sep 5th 2016

    I Love The Concept Of The 'Simply Chili' Line Of Sauces - Essentially Just Chili And Vinegar In A Bottle. Fatalii Is My Personal Favorite, Similar To The Scotch Bonnet In Flavor, This Sauce Is Hot, Hot, Hot And Without Extract. I Would Rate This At '4-Flames' Of Heat (With Tabasco At '2-Flames').
    ~N Cali, Ca United States~

  • 5

    Posted by Drew Carpenter on Sep 5th 2016

    I Buy 10-12 Bottles Of Sauce Here Every 5 Months Or So. 6 Of The Bottles Are This Sauce. I Grow And Eat Super Hots Straight And This Sauce Is Still Plenty Hot And Goes On Everything. There Are Meals I Won'T Cook And Places I Won'T Eat At If I Don'T Have This Sauce On Hand. It Is Special. Don'T Buy One Bottle, Buy 3. You'Re Welcome.
    ~Denver, Co United States~

  • 5
    Pepper Purity I

    Posted by Matthew Mcafee on Jun 1st 2015

    This Packs A Tropical Wallop And A Slight Sizzle. Such A Refreshing Flavored Chili, Tasting A Fair Amount Of Pineapple And Lemon. Different From Any Other Puree, Hot Or Super Hot, Pepper Sauce I Have Yet To Try.
    ~Orono, Me United States~