Mad Dog 357 Plutonium 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract, 1oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 9,000,000
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Mad Dog 357 Plutonium 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract (1oz/ 28g): A single atom of plutonium is capable of immense heat and destruction. This pepper extract is one of the hottest and purest in the entire world—is capable of the same. If you want to add just a little heat, this is NOT the extract for you. This little bottle is for the true aficionado of heat, the one who wants to test the limits, to see how explosive pepper heat can be.

Ingredients: Premium Pure Oleoresin Capsicum.

12 Reviews

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    Well Packed...Excellent Sauces!

    Posted by Tasha Gard on Jun 20th 2018

    I was very satisfied with how quickly the company got my product to me. The product was also wrapped nicely so that it wouldn't break in the mail on its way to my home. The company also made it easy to order what i was looking for.
    ~Holden, Mo United States~

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    Posted by Sonny Waldron on Apr 13th 2018

    Near death experiences are usually not self inflicted... But when the taco man said he had the hottest tacos in the world(red flag) i felt a wave of arrogance. I like spicy food i said, i've been called the iron stomach even. Then he opened a small black leather pouch and put on some gloves (red flag), because you wouldn't want this stuff on your skin..... But in my mouth apparently it's ok? He used a glass eye dropper because the plastic one started to melt before(red flag). 5 Small drops onto the tortilla, then all the taco fixings. The second bite the pain hit... The third bite it was unbearable. 1 Min in i started to cry i asked wtf was in that lil brown bottle? Mad dog 357 it's carolina reaper pepper extract concentrate, 5,000,000 scoville unit! He said with the grin of satan himself. 5 Min in came the vomiting, 10 min in abdominal cramps, that just kicked in the nuts feeling... 30 Min later i'm home curled in the fetal position in bed wishing for a peaceful death in my sleep.

  • 5
    Insane Heat!!!

    Posted by Chad Roberts on Mar 18th 2018

    The Most Insane Heat I Have Ever Experienced Even With A Little Spec!
    ~Sedalia, Mo United States~

  • 5
    Satan'S Blood 800,000 Scoville Heat Extract

    Posted by Terry Eckman on Oct 12th 2017

    This Product Has Amazing Heat To It And It, I Hadn'T Originally Planned On Purchasing It But Am So Glad I Did, This Product Adds Great Intensity To Any Dish, Just A Few Drop And Enjoy!!
    ~Toledo, Oh United States~

  • 5
    Hot Damn!!!

    Posted by Aaron Mauricio on Oct 4th 2017

    This Stuff Is Amazing!!! Hotter Than Hell And I Love It. My Roommates Are Afraid To Eat My Cooking... Now I Don'T Have To Cook 😈. But Be Careful. I Didn'T Touch The Stuff With My Hands They Just Came Near The Sauce And My Eye Got Lit On Fire After I Inched Them. Like Really... Never Touched The Stuff Be The Fumes On My Hands Were Enough. You'Ve Been Warned.
    ~Center Valley , Pa United States~

  • 5
    Unbelievably Hottttttt!!!!

    Posted by Pavan Babbar on Oct 12th 2016

    This Is Quite Easily And By Far The Hottest Chilli I'Ve Ever Had And Probably Will Have! Everyone Who Tried Had Never Tried Anything Like It Before And Never Will..!! Lol
    ~Wolverhampton, West Midlands England~

  • 5
    Good Purchase

    Posted by Mohammed Alghanem on Oct 9th 2016

    Really Hot Enjoy The Pranks Out Of It
    ~Kuwait City, Kuwait~

  • 5
    Wear Gloves

    Posted by Alexander Weaver on Sep 5th 2016

    Trust Me, When Working With This. Wear Gloves It Takes A Long T Time To Come Off The Skin
    ~Midwest City, Ok United States~

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    Mad Dog 357

    Posted by Anil Wats on Sep 5th 2016

    Easy To Deal With The Process, Simple, Efficient And Quick.
    ~Dubai, Uae United Arab Emirates~