El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero, 4oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000
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El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Chile Habanero, 4oz.

From Mexico.

Water, habanero peppers, salt, citric acid, acetic acid, xanthan gum, garlic, onion powder, sodium benzoate (preservative), and calcium disodium edta.

8 Reviews

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    H3ll y34h

    Posted by Iroquois Pliskin on Sep 19th 2020

    4bs0lut3ly d3l1c10us, sm0k3y 4nd fl4v0rful w1th 4 n1c3 k1ck 0f h34t. M1x th1s w1th Sr1r4ch4 f0r s0m3th1ng truly sp3c14l.

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    El Yucateco Black Label Reserve

    Posted by Barry on Mar 5th 2020

    I was enjoying an excellent meal at a Mexican restaurant when I noticed a table with a variety of hot sauces. I noticed a bottle with dark contents and was curious. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this flavorful and smokey sauce. It is my new favorite. I was sense bought 18 bottles I love it so much! It is hot but not ridiculously hot. The smokey flavor balances the heat and adds complex flavors!

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    El Yucateco Black Label

    Posted by Susan on Nov 18th 2019

    Unique flavor - a new favorite!

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    Excellent Flavor

    Posted by Lil Pandie on May 17th 2018

    The smokiness hits like a ton of bricks when simply smelling, however, in the context of a meal, once applied is absolutely delicious! I was very disappointed when i first opened my bottle, as the fragrant char was overpowering. I put it in my fridge for close to a month before i drizzled it across a breakfast taco. It was incredible! As another reviewer clarified, the smokiness is of a charcoal grill char, not the overwhelming heavy bacon type that has become so standard. Could use more heat. Definitely on the mild side for myself, but the flavor is excellent.
    ~Denver, Colorado~

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    Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    Posted by Rob Whitehead on Mar 18th 2018

    I Can'T Believe I'M Saying This, But It'S Simply Too Roasted. It'S Starting To Border On Ash.
    ~Boise, Id United States~

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    My Favorite Yucateco Sauce Variety

    Posted by Yuriy on Sep 5th 2016

    This Sauce Has A Very Unique Flavor Of Fruity Habanero And Smoked On Black Coal Aroma. One Reviewer Said It Is Too Smokey. To Me It Tastes Great. It Is Not The Smoked Bacon Or Smoked Ham Flavor But Rather A Kind Of Flavor That Resembles Charcoal Grill Smokiness That Can Be Smelled On Meat That Was Grilled Over Coals. It Is Same Heat Intensity As Other Yucateco Habanero Sauces But Less Fruity.
    ~San Francisco, Ca United States~

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    So Flippin' Roasted!

    Posted by Mr Paradiseweiss on Sep 5th 2016

    Such A Roasted Habanero Sauce It'S Almost Ridiculous! Very Deep, Rich Flavor. This Is Truly A Unique Sauce From El Yucateco. I'M On My Third Bottle.
    ~Pasadena, Ca United States~

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    Great Product

    Posted by Kenneth A Griffin on Jun 1st 2015

    This Is The First Time I Have Tried This And It Is Wonderful
    ~Leesburg, Fl United States~