Blair's After Death with Liquid Fire Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000
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Its Time To Feel ALIVE... All the freshest ingredients as the Original Death Sauce plus some pure pepper resin to make things a few points south of purgatory.

New After Death packaging and label.

From New Jersey.

Red and Orange Habanero peppers, vinegar, fresh Cayenne peppers, smashed garlic, Chipotle peppers, pepper extract, lime juice, cilantro, fresh herbs and spices.

24 Reviews

  • 5
    My Favorite Blair'S Sauce

    Posted by John on Feb 11th 2011

    After Death, To Me, Is The Perfect Balance Between Flavor And Heat. I Have Tried Almost Every One Of Blair'S Sauces, And This Is My Favorite. It Has The Same Great Flavor As The Original Blair'S Death Sauce, Except They Added Some Extract To Bring Up The Heat Level. This Sauce Is Hot, But Unless You Eat A Ton Of It, It'S Bearable. You Can Put This Directly On Food, Unlike Some Of The Other Blair'S Sauces, Which You Should Dilute With Barbecue Sauce, Other Hot Sauces, Etc. I Have Not Found A Better Tasting Sauce To Put On Wings. I Don'T Understand Why People Are Saying This Sauce Isn'T Great Tasting. The Sauce I Didn'T Like Was Mega Death. Hot, But The Flavor Didn'T Taste Very Good.
    ~Los Angeles, Ca United States~

  • 3
    Hot, But Flavor Is So-So

    Posted by Paniller on Dec 26th 2009

    This Is A Very Hot Sauce, But The Flavor Isn'T Really Anything Special. I Give It 3 Stars, Because It'S More About Heat Than Flavor. Alone, It'S Like A 8/10. There'S Hotter, And This Is About As High As I Go Without Demanding Dilution. I Usually Add 2-3 Drops To A Puddle Of Steak Sauce. The Next Step Up Would Be Sudden Death And Mega Death, With Add A Little More Heat, With The Sacrifice Of More Flavor Yet Again. A Good Bottle To Have Around To Mix With Other Sauces For Heat, Without Adding Too Much Heat.
    ~Bernardsville, Nj United States~

  • 5
    It Goes With "Everything"

    Posted by Scott Fryer on Sep 9th 2009

    Hi Everyone, I Love This Hot Sauce...It Really Goes With Everything. I Use It As A Garnish On Most Foods I Eat. Great With Wings, Pasta, Ribs, In Fact Most Meats....I Like To Use It In Soups And It Even Makes A Bloody Ceaser Come Alive. Forget About Tobasco....After Death Rules....And It Lasts For Months....Cheers.
    ~Barrie, On Canada~

  • 4
    Great Flavour

    Posted by Kent Schneider on Sep 3rd 2009

    This Stuff Has A Great Flavor That Is Perfect To Put Directly Onto Foods. Has A Nice Kick To It As Well.
    ~Toronto, On Canada~

  • 4
    Good Sauce

    Posted by Mike on Aug 28th 2009

    I Really Like This Sauce. I'M Relatively New To The 'Hot' Stuff But This Is One Of My First Buys And It Was A Great Choice. Very Strong Flavor, Good Heat But Not Too Much. A Dab On My Finger And I Could Feel It For A Few Minutes. Not Sure How To Describe The Flavor Though, Aside From Very Unique. All Of My Fellow Heat Fiends Liked This Sauce As Well. I'Ll Definitely Recommend This To Anyone Just Getting Into The More Extreme End Of Heat.
    ~Ogden, Ut United States~

  • 4
    A Good Way To Get A Cut Above Tobasco

    Posted by Lefty on Oct 28th 2007

    I Really Like This Sauce Similar In Heat To Dave'S Insanity, But With A Better, Smokier Flavor. If You Are Looking For Something Hotter Than Tabasco, Give This A Shot, If Tabasco Is Hot To You, You Are Playing On The Wrong Website!
    ~Lemay, Mo United States~