Toxic Waste Extract Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Toxic Waste Extract Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 147 ml): The hot new extract sauce from Poison Pepper. A dangerous mix of Habaneros with a dash of capsaicin to make more potent, Toxic Waste will waste you.

From Florida.

Habanero peppers, red wine vinegar, orange juice, garlic, capsaicin and garlic salt. No Fat.

2002 Scovie Awards, won 2nd Place in Flat Art, Best Super Hot Label.

12 Reviews

  • 5
    Toxic waste

    Posted by Dave Dahlberg on Aug 2nd 2023

    Awesome flavor, hotter than hell. Probably as hot as Dave's insanity sauce but toxic actually had flavor and Dave's doesn't. You could probably substitute molotov cocktails with both of them.

  • 5
    Toxic Waste

    Posted by Guido Parmigiano on Feb 23rd 2021

    From the same company that makes Pure Poison. Same ingredients but they add a bit of extract. Which takes the heat meter through the roof. Still flavorful. Love it, but this one isn't for the timid. Will be ordering again, and exploring more options from this company. Great bang for the buck. I tend to avoid the hot sauces that are priced above ten dollars. I'm sure many are terrific but I've been disappointed by more than a few. I'm looking for Scoville's for my dollar combined with some flavor. Plenty of choices like this one deliver without being overpriced.

  • 5
    Love This Hot Sauce

    Posted by Diego G on May 4th 2017

    The Best Hot Sauce Ever!!!
    ~Miami, Fl United States~

  • 5
    Good Stuff

    Posted by Louis Kimmel on Sep 5th 2016

    Good As Always And Quick Shipping
    ~Poulsbo, Wa United States~

  • 5
    So Hot!

    Posted by Juan Parada on Sep 5th 2016

    Amazing, Love It.
    ~Crosby, Tx United States~

  • 5
    Very Good Hot Sauce

    Posted by Matt G on Jun 1st 2015

    I Love This Hot Sauce! Excellent Heat And Subtle Garlic Flavor. Will Buy Again
    ~Minneapolis, Mn United States~

  • 5
    Very Hot!

    Posted by Carlos Palmeira on Oct 29th 2014

    This Sauce Is Great. It Is Very Strong But It Is Still Viable For Using Directly On Your Food, As Long As You Love Hot Sauces.
    ~Sao Vicente, Sp Brazil~

  • 5
    Good Stuff

    Posted by Michael Fessenden on Sep 23rd 2013

    Nice Garlic And Classic Hot Sauce Flavor And Of Course It Brings The Heat!
    ~Waterford, Vt United States~

  • 5

    Posted by Josh on Apr 9th 2012

    It Hurt When I Breathe And My Eyes Watered For Like 20 Minutes Just From A Little Bit On My Finger
    ~Seattle, Wa United States~