Torchbearer Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, 5oz.

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HotOnes Featured: Torchbearer Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, 5oz.:

Torchbearer Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, 5oz.: (Featured on Season 8 of Hot Ones) As our biggest sauce of 2019, the Garlic Reaper is quite the showman. The first ingredient in this hot sauce is Carolina Reaper and the second is garlic. The result; both HEAT and FLAVOR. The Garlic Reaper is unlike anything you’ve ever had, with its creamy texture from a rich oil base and just enough savory spices to round out that garlic.  Some would say it’s the best pizza sauce EVER but we also love it on burritos or as a pasta sauce. It can even make a great marinade or sandwich topper for those who can handle it. Order a bottle (or case!) of the Garlic Reaper. We promise you will not regret it. Perfect For: Wings, Pizza, Chicken SaladThis All Natural, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Made in the USA, EXTRACT-FREE sauce uses REAL Carolina Reapers and Garlic in every bottle! Featured on Hot Ones!  This Garlic Reaper hot sauce combines Carolina Reaper Peppers, Garlic, Canola Oil, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Mustard Powder, Chili Powder and Salt to create a creamy texture and savory taste that is IRRESISTIBLE.

Ingredients: Carolina reaper pepper, garlic, canola oil, water, distilled white vinegar, lime juice, granulated garlic, mustard powder, chili powder, salt.

5 Reviews

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    Torchbearer Sauces Garlic Reaper Sauce

    Posted by Pepper Lewis on Dec 28th 2020

    This one is decent. I like that, despite being a vinegar sauce, I can't taste the vinegar. The heat comes out strong with the first bite, and lingers for around a minute. Those who are seeking a heavier garlic taste won't be disappointed, as the first taste is garlic, followed by the smoky, piquant flavor of the Carolina Reaper pepper. As the sauce swirls around your taste buds, you get the wonderful secondary flavors of lime and mustard. I've made a point of trying some of the hottest sauces available, and this one, while not being overly hot, definitely stands out for it's heat. Overall, I would give this sauce around a seven out of a possible ten points.

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    Flavor and Heat

    Posted by Z on Oct 11th 2020

    Wonderful flavor and intense heat. I’ve gone through 20% of the bottle in 1 week.

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    Creamy Garlic Goodness

    Posted by Wormwood on Apr 27th 2020

    I can't seem to get enough of this sauce. I've put it on all sorts of food so far, from pizza and pasta to Mexican and Tex-mex. It has that lovely mix of garlic and sting that makes it a natural pairing with savory dishes involving dairy and starches. I especially like it liberally on homemade nachos. Not too hot, although it will certainly let you know it's there--but assertively garlic-y. YMMV of course, but all-in-all I'd recommend it as a general pairing for most meals involving a combination of starch and dairy to spice the meal up a little. It would be nice in a marinara, given the garlic.

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    Torchbearer Carolina Reaper Garlic

    Posted by FiveK48 on Dec 12th 2019

    Hello, As a Chili guy I did a teaspoon of Torchbearer Garlic Reaper and it was amazing. I can't say I've had better flavor followed by that much punch (It Hurts). For those connoisseurs that want heat, but not looking for diluted extracts in a small batch recipe, try this. (Not an endorsement just really good, really HOT sauce).

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    Hottest Garlic Sauce!

    Posted by Mike Richards on May 7th 2019

    Super Caorlina heat and lots of Garlic! Just perfect sauce!