Hellfire Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 1,000,000 - 16,000,000
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Hellfire Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Hot Sauce, 5oz.: Officially Licensed Hellboy 2019 Movie Hot Sauce!

"Right Hand Of Doom" Hot Sauce! A Demon sleeps inside this bottle. Spiked with 6.66 Million Scoville Heat Unit Pepper Extract along with Trinidad Scorpions and Red Habanero peppers

The Right Hand of Doom Will Crush You! This Sauce is EXTREMELY HOT USE CAUTION & FEEL THE BURN!

Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Water, Red Habanero Pepper Mash, Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Mash, Mustard, Pepper Extract, Garlic, Onions, Cumin, Black Pepper, Salt, Tumeric, Natural Gum.

6 Reviews

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    This is the real Deal!

    Posted by Wrecker on Jan 13th 2021

    I don't usually buy hot sauce since most of them are not really that hot to me, and I've tried a lot of different reaper sauces. I usually eat about half a reaper or scorpion every day. Took a chance on this one and I will say it's hot as advertised. Way hotter than eating a whole reaper.

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    This is the real Deal!

    Posted by Rick Rack on Jan 11th 2021

    I don't usually buy hot sauce because most of them are not that hot to me, Maybe because I grow Carolina Reapers and Scorpions and eat them almost daily. Doomed is really hot even if you are a pepper head. Great taste and about 10 drops is all I need.

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    Posted by James on Apr 19th 2020

    Love it!

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    Flavorful and painful

    Posted by Alec on Jan 16th 2020

    The absolute hottest sauce I ever bought, and I bought a lot. I usually don't get extract sauces due to the real bad flavor that comes with it, but somehow the geniuses at Hellfire figured out how to make this taste amazing. This is dangerously hot, wreaks havoc on my stomach the next day, but it's tough to stay away from this.

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    Right hand of doom

    Posted by Egyardo on Dec 29th 2019

    I got this item because I love hot sauce, this is not hot sauce. Its lava in a glass bottle. I did the toothpick test and woke up a few days later, or so I thought. I had been in a coma for 3 years. My dreams in my stasis where nothing more than an infinite hell, but it was worth it 10/10. Now my plan is to give this to my freinds so that they can all expirience the out of body eagodeath I expirienced on this sauce. Pls i advice everyone to buy this stuff.

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    Really F$%king Hot!

    Posted by Chase on Oct 8th 2019

    If you're tired of all the other sauces that can bring the heat try one drop of this you'll feel it or you'll be crying on floor.