Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce Review:

One of the Hottest sauces ever! The Rush that goes beyond hot! You may need a trip to the "E.R." after trying this stuff!

From Illinois.

Tomato Paste, Water, Pepper Extract, Molasses, Soy Sauce.

73 Reviews

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    Endorphin Rush

    Posted by Darrel on Apr 4th 2024

    So I have been quite literally using this product since the day it went on the shelf. A little hard to find sometimes but definitely worth it. I do not use this as a shake on style hot sauce as I think it is too hot for that. I do use it anytime I am making chili, burrito beef, or most anytime in our Mexican style dishes like enchiladas, etc. I find that 5 to 6 drops of it in a large pot of chil just "pushes" the chili to taste heartier and more full. In my burrito beef 4 to 6 drops per pan of beef just gives it more "oomph" in the heat department. If you are using it for the first time I would suggest trying to cook with it first and then see just what you want to add it to..... Great Stuff 5 stars in my book...

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    Damn Good

    Posted by Trishann Wright on Feb 6th 2024

    This hot sauce is sweet at first, than has a little kick! It's good on EVERYTHING!!!! Bagels, cottage cheese. Tacos, etc.!!! Try it in chili, yummy!!!

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    Best Ever

    Posted by Dan Jones on Nov 14th 2023

    This is my all time fave, go-to, ride or die sauce. It's got decent heat, good consistency, and incredible flavor. Almost has a BBQ vibe, but not enough to turn off folks who don't BBQ sauce. Little sweet, little tangy, goes with 90% of everything you eat.

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    just classic

    Posted by hotsaucephreak on Apr 19th 2023

    this one has been around forever. I think I stumbled across it at Holy Guacamole on Main Street in Santa Monica, they had a bunch of seriously hot products to sample and purchase. The employees would give a knowing look when a new customer reached for certain items. Along with the (sadly closed years ago) Brickhouse in Venice with their "wall of fire" my introduction to a new level of capsaicin, or if you will an "endorphin rush."
    One of the hotter ones in this category fersure, also a ton of flavor. Lots of great new stuff out there, almost too many to keep up with, but the odd part is it really never gets better than the old school ones that have been around since Clinton was president.
    I will always buy this baby.

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    Endorphin rush

    Posted by Cynthia Morris on Mar 31st 2023

    For years I’ve made snacks for my husband and he’s always said “ not hot enough “ until a friend gave me Endorphin Rush. I haven’t heart those words since !!! ??

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    One of my favorites

    Posted by Tom Brennan on Jan 5th 2023

    Perfect balance of sweet and heat. Has a delicious BBQ sauce flavor to it, so unlike a lot of extreme heat novelty sauces, this is one I actually put on a lot of food. It has real heat, definitely possible to use too much and pay the price, but the sauce is flavorful enough to put more than a dab. Surprisingly hard to find— very glad it’s carried here!

  • 5

    Posted by michael vandergriff on May 9th 2022

    this is not to be played with. it will hit you hard. a cap full to a gallon of chili great smokey flavor. but 10 seconds later. kaboooom!!!

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    Endorphin Rush

    Posted by Maureen on Mar 8th 2022

    Great product and my husband uses it all the time.

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    Simply amazing

    Posted by Michael Anderson on Dec 27th 2021

    Wow the heat is on impact that flavor is that of ketchup the thickness of the sauce is that of ketchup. For all those who love ketchup this is a go to