CaJohn's Hydra 7-Pot Primo Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 1,000,000 - 1,250,000
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CaJohns Hydra 7-Pot Primo Hot Sauce, 5oz.: The 7-Pot Primo has been around since 2005. Rather obscure for quite a while, it packs an almost 1.5 million SHU rating! While other chiles have grabbed the limelight as " World's Hottest" this chile has flourished in the backwoods and swamps around Lafayette, Louisiana. There is a lot of "which came first" controversy surrounding this pod, but we offer this straight forward sauce for your review. The only chile contained in this sauce is the 7-Pot Primo! Enjoy!

Ingredients: 7-Pot Primo Chiles, Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic, Spices, Lemon Extract.

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Primo flavor, with the searing heat you'd expect.

    Posted by Pinback on May 8th 2020

    The big-name 7-Pot sauces are, in my experience, the hottest non-extract sauces available on the market, and this is no exception. I would compare the scorching heat to HBD's Reapercussion, but with a smoother, slightly thicker consistency, like a proper Louisiana cayenne sauce, except orders of magnitude hotter. One of those "great on everything" sauces, as long as you agree that searing, mind-stopping heat is great on everything.
    The best CaJohns sauce I've ever had.

  • 5

    Posted by Faisal Alshaikh on Jun 30th 2019

    The heat is 7 out of 10. But the taste is delicious 10 of 10. A pleasant enjoyable experience.

  • 5
    Hotter than hot

    Posted by Hot sauce queen on Jun 20th 2019

    Burns going in, burns coming out. Worth it if you're a real diehard hot sauce tester. Like me.

  • 5
    Very Hot

    Posted by Adam Moore on Sep 20th 2017

    Quite Hot. I Dont Go To It Often As Its A Tad Hotter Than I Usually Like. For A No Extract Sauce Its Nice And Hot. I Love It.
    ~Clinton Twp, Mi United States~

  • 5

    Posted by Harry Huncken Jr on May 4th 2017

    One Of The Hottest Sauces I Own. Delicious And Scorching. Just How I Like It. An Immediate Burn With The Full Flavor Of The 7 Pot. A Must Try For Chili Veterans.
    ~Seaford, Ny United States~

  • 5
    Great For Those Looking For A Different Pepper

    Posted by Big J Smiles on May 4th 2017

    Hot! Sneaks Up In You. Good Stuff. Great Flavor, Don'T Go Overboard Or Your Face Will Drain Of All Its Fluids.
    ~Las Vegas , Nv United States~

  • 5

    Posted by David Grubb on Dec 15th 2016

    This Sauce Is Amazing Folks! Flavor Is Really Good, Kinda Smokey And A Bit Fruity At The Same Time. I Was Very Impressed With The Heat. Its Actually Hotter To Me Than The Cajohn'S Reaper Sauce. Very Good Sauce And Will Be Buying In The Future!!
    ~Salisbury, Nc United States~

  • 5

    Posted by Maurice Dunlap on Nov 5th 2016

    Tasted The Product. I Found It Very Hot & Delicious!!!
    ~Florissant, Mo United States~