Vicious Viper Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Vicious Viper Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 147 ml): As seen on FoodTV's Eat The Heat program. Let the Vicious Viper bite you with her lethal, venomous heat... If you think you already had the hottest sauce in the universe, think again. You don't know hot until you've been bitten by the Vicious Viper. Vicious but delicious.

From Ohio.

Ingredients: Vinegar, mustard, Habanero and Chile De Arbol peppers, tomatoes, red papaya, guava, pineapple, yellow papaya, banana, passion fruit juice, guava juice, orange juice, Capsaicin, salt, sugar, lemon juice and natural spices. No Fat, No Sodium, No Cholesterol, No Carb, No Sugar.

20 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Sauce Great Maker

    Posted by Blake Rodabaugh on Sep 23rd 2013

    This Is A Really Good All Around And Very Hot ... Hot Sauce.
    ~Kimberly, Id United States~

  • 4
    Vicious But Delicious

    Posted by Chknbone on Jul 10th 2012

    Right On Contact The Vicious Viper Strikes. But, Our Viper Brought A Tropical Island Of Fruit And Habanero Peppers With It. The Burn Dies Quickly, The Flavor Even More So. But, It'S Still A Good Sauce. As The Bottle Says Vicious But Delicious.
    ~Durham, Nc United States~

  • 4
    A Little Dissapointed

    Posted by Ming Man on Jun 2nd 2012

    I Know It Can Variey By The Bottle But Mine Has A Very Strong Pepper Extract Taste, Not What I Was Excepting When I Read All The Fruity Ingredients. With That Said It Lives Up To Its Heat Reputation, But Just Wish It Had A Lil Better Taste.
    ~New York, Ny United States~

  • 5
    Heaven In A Bottle!!!

    Posted by Fernando Hernando on May 19th 2011

    Finally I Found What I Was Looking For Many Years. I'Ve Been Eating Hot Sauce And Hot Food Since I Was A Little Boy And This Sauce Has It All In A Bottle. I Think Is The Chile De Arbol Plus The Guava That Gives This Amazing Flavor But Be Careful Because The Heat Is There And Is Vicious!! I Love It!!!
    ~Bethlehem, Pa United States~

  • 5
    One Of My Favorites

    Posted by Andrew on Feb 11th 2011

    Vv Definitely Packs A Punch, But The Flavor Is What Really Sells It. Sure, A Few Other People Might Not Enjoy It, But That'S Because Of The Exotic Fruity Extracts They Used. The Flavor Is Extremely Unique And Fruity, After You Get A Taste Of The Flavor The Heat Bites You In The Back Of The Tongue. Me Personally, I Use It On Taco'S Every Time I Have 'Em. Try It For Yourself! Definitely Worth A Try For You Pepper Heads.
    ~Hoschton, Ga United States~

  • 4
    Vicious Viper Hot Sauce

    Posted by Philip on Jul 10th 2010

    This Sauce Truly Is Vicious! It Packs Lots Of Heat And A Good Fruity Taste. Certainly Worth Trying.
    ~Benton, Ar United States~

  • 5
    Vicious But Delicious

    Posted by Mytastebudshateme on Jun 30th 2010

    This Sauce Is Awesome It Is Real Hot But Has A Nice Fruity Flavor That Complements A Wide Range Of Dishes. I Am Almost Finished With My First Bottle I Highly Recommend This Sauce To Anyone Who Likes To Burn.
    ~Dallas, Tx United States~

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Spirk on Mar 22nd 2010

    Holy Crap This Stuff Is Hot! I Smelled It And Almost Cried. I Put 1/4 Of This Stuff In A Gallon Of Chili And It Was Too Hot... So If You Like Hot Food This Is For You!
    ~Tucson, Az United States~

  • 4
    Good Even Heat With Subtle Flavor

    Posted by Joe on Mar 22nd 2010

    The First Thing You'D Notice About This Sauce Is That It Does Not Taste/Smell Like Most Extract Sauces. The Smell Is Not Very Pungent Nor Vinegary. It'S Not Very Thick Either And Pours Easily Through The Dropper. The Taste Is Subtle But Certainly Fruity & Tropical. I'D Guess The Heat Is Around 500,000 Scovs But It Behaves Very Differently Than Most Sauces In This Range. The Heat Is Not Immediate - It Slowly Builds. The More You Eat The Hotter It Gets. The Neat Part Is That The Subtle Flavor Does Not Overpower Almost Any Food But It Can Still Deliver Some Real Heat. It'S A Very Light Sauce That Delivers Solid Even Heat. Not For Newbs At All. Given The Fruitiness, It'S Pretty Good On Chicken Or Fish And Mixed Into Other Milder Flavorful Sauces. I Particularly Love It Mixed With Tartar Or Shrimp Cocktail Sauce. However, I Would Recommend Some Darker Or Smokier Sauces (Like Blair'S) On Tacos, Burgers Or In Chili Or If You Really Want To Taste The Sauce.
    ~Cleveland, Oh United States~