Pepper Extracts & Ultra Hots!

When it comes to raw heat, Pepper Extracts are at the top of the fiery foods chain. Typically, pepper extracts start at over 1,000,000 Scoville Units and go as high as 16 Million Scoville Units, or "Pure Crystalized Capsaicin".

All Pepper Extracts require the agreement of the following Safety & Warning Disclaimer: Purchaser of these products hereby acknowledges the intense heat factor and the element of danger if misused. These products are up to 1000 times hotter than the common Jalapeno Pepper and are a complex blend of peppers and extracts. Pepper and Capsaicin Extracts are not hot sauces and should not be consumed directly! These products are to be used as food additives only and should be handled with caution and care. Always use gloves when handling any Pepper Extracts and wash your hands thoroughly after each use. Always exercise caution when handling and keep away from children and pets.