High River Sauces Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce, 5.4oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 1,750,000 - 2,000,000
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High River Sauces Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce (5.4oz./163ml): Foo Foo Mama Choo is an assortment of spices combined with the secrets of the Far West to the valleys of the South East. You will enjoy the savory sweet taste of the roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic complimented by a snap of fresh ginger. BAM! Your body, mind and soul are engulfed by scorching heat and the floral taste of the hottest pepper in the world, The Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. Mystery Solved.

Roasted Red Peppers, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Rice Wine Vinegar, Carolina Reaper Peppers, Onions, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Ginger Root, Salt, White Pepper, Secret Herbs and Spices.

17 Reviews

  • 5
    One of the best

    Posted by Vasily Zaitsev on Mar 9th 2024

    Amazing taste. One of the best sauces.

  • 5
    Masochism in a bottle

    Posted by BearHawk on Mar 2nd 2021

    This sauce is dangerously good. It has great flavor but after a short time, it will have a boomerang effect and knock you to your knees with the heat. You still want to keep eating, but you know the sacrifice you will have to make. It’s for the pure masochist that wants to torture himself while being rewarded with flavor. Be careful if using it to top off sautéed shrimp; the fumes will make your eyes water like Niagara Falls. It worth the pain.

  • 5
    Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce

    Posted by Sheldon Metz on Sep 19th 2020

    Finally, a Hot Sauce that is really advertised correctly. I still have a couple that are hotter, but FooFoo is one of my top 10.

  • 5
    Reaper Hot, Yet Flavorful

    Posted by C.J. on Aug 24th 2020

    The first time I had this sauce, I made the mistake of putting around ten drops on my chicken and ate the whole piece in about three minutes. Had me rolling on the floor dying by fire of the mouth.
    Not only is it hot, it is still flavorful and doesn't kill the taste of other things you put this on. Highly recommended to at least give it a try.

  • 5

    Posted by Faisal Alshaikh on Jun 13th 2019

    Featured. The heat is high enjoyable!

  • 5
    Great taste

    Posted by Sylvain Guimond on Mar 27th 2019

    Very good hot sauce. Very hot but not excessive and best of all it has great taste. In fact it taste so good I eat it often with a spoon.

  • 5

    Posted by Ellis Edwards on Aug 13th 2018

    Amazing flavor! Packed with plenty of heat, enough to slwo you down but not stop you completely. The flavor compliments the heat so well its hard to stop eating. Reminds me of a sweet asian chilie sauce.
    ~Phoenix, Az~

  • 5

    Posted by Barak Kedmi on Jul 4th 2018

    Good service, great sauce
    ~Rishon Le Zion, Rishon Le Zion Israel~

  • 5
    Good Company!

    Posted by Kathryn Janus on Jun 7th 2018

    I send my nephew 12 hot sauces twice a year. I pick the "five star" recommended ones, so these are blind buys for me. However, my nephew is so thrilled to get his holiday and birthday presents and says everything i send is great.
    ~Chicago, Il~