7 Pot Pepper Hot Sauces

The 7 Pod (7 Pot) Chile Pepper This variety is from the Chaguanas area of Trinidad, an island just northeast of Venezuela. In Caribbean regions it is also known as 7 pot as one pod is said to provide enough heat to spice up 7 pots of stew. 7 Pod's are habanaro like in shape but have the characteristic 'pimpling' as found on another fearsome variety - the Naga Morich. Unusually the proportion of Placental tissue is very high reasoning why this pepper is so outrageously hot. Its flavor is fruity, sweet and nutty, once you get past the intense and sweat-inducing heat. This pepper now appears in various colours - red, yellow, brown, white and burgundy. The 7 Pot (7 Pod) has been tested between 923,000 and 1.85 million Scovilles, with an average of 1,169,058. Only the Moruga Scorpion and Carolina Reaper has scored higher.