Blair's MINI B Collector's Hot Sauce w/ White Skull (Gold Wax) - #76/149 - SOLD!

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 1,000,000 - 16,000,000
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Blair's MINI B Collector's Hot Sauce w/ White Skull (Gold Wax), 1oz. - #76/149: "The World's Smallest Blair's Reserve" - I have made a very different and unique Reserve for this year's show. It is the "Mini B." Yep, the World's Smallest Reserve!! It is amazing how something so small could be so much work (I know what you're Anyway, this little devil is a truly scaled down version of my original Reserve. I have even gone through the detail of a new ceramic glass micro Skull!! It's Bad-ass and I have made only 149 bottles. As a very special (Special) for those attending the Fiery Foods Show, 99 of them will be made available at the show . 50 of the bottles were available online. This is a very unique piece to Enjoy! It is filled with 3.5 Million Scoville units of Fury!!! ~ Blair.

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From New Jersey.

From New Jersey.

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