Rocoto Hot Pepper Sauces

The Rocoto, or Locoto (Capsicum pubescens) is a medium sized round chili pepper common in Peru and Bolivia. Rocoto pods have thick walls, like a bell pepper, but are quite hot. Foliage is dark green and pubescent (hairy). The plant has purple blossoms with yellow spots and the seeds are dark brown or black, whereas the seeds and seed-bearing membrane of most domesticated Capsicum species are light in color. The plants grow up to 6 ft high if supported. Capsicum pubescens is a perennial, and if protected from frost and pruned back it will grow many years. Rocoto is among the oldest of domesticated peppers, and was grown up to 5000 years ago. It is probably related to undomesticated peppers that still grow in South America (cardenasii, eximium, and others). This pepper is a species; most other chili peppers are cultivars or hybrids from Capsicum annuum. Although most rocotos are red, there is also a yellow type that is common in the Caribbean and Mexico and an orange variety. (Scoville Heat Units: 50,000-250,000).

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