Tahiti Joe's Ahi Of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000
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Tahiti Joe's Ahi Of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce Review:

Tahiti Joe's Ahi Of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 147 ml): One day, while Tahiti Joe was cooling under a coconut palm, he heard voices in his head: his taste buds were talking to him They wanted him to make a sauce so "hot" and flavorful, it would please any chili head's addiction for heat, and the taste buds wanted it with cheese. So Tahiti Joe asked the great Polynesian Fire God for help, and at the urging of Tahiti Joe's Kauhine (sister) Kimbalyawanalaya, Tahiti Joe gives you "Ahi of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce with Cheese" (her favorite sauce). Warning: 4 out of 5 proctologists recommend not to use this sauce, the fifth is a chili head.


From Florida.

Aged Red Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar, Concentrated Vegetable Juices, Worcestershire, Honey, Key Lime Juice, Clam Juice, Parmesan and Romano Cheese, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Garlic in Water, Fresh Habaneros, Fresh Onions, and Spices.

5 Reviews

  • 4
    Just Tried It For Lunch

    Posted by Sean on Nov 8th 2016

    Not To Thick And Has Little Chunks Of Cheese In It. It Has A Strong Parmesan Cheese/Tomato After Taste That Lingers Quite A While. Heat Is Presented Up Front And Does Not Linger Long. Seems Tasty, Great For Pulling My Girl Friend Into The Realms Of Non Standard, Grocery Store Hot Sauce. I Have Been Training Her For Years To Not Be A Spice Wimp And Understand What Hot Sauce Can Be. Doing The Same Thing With Beer ;) It Has More Kick Than Your Common Hot Sauce, But Not All That Hot. Only Buy If You Enjoy Parmesan Flavor As It Is Heavy In The Formula. I Think I Am Going To Try This In Meat Sauce Over Some Pasta Next, I Think It Would Be An Awesome Fit.
    ~Burlington, Ma United States~

  • 5
    Great Flavor

    Posted by Jimbo on Nov 7th 2012

    Tastes Fantastic, Is Not Blazing Hot, But You Do Feel Some Heat. You Can Use A Bit More Liberally To Get That Great Flavor, Though!
    ~Portland, Or United States~

  • 4
    Good Dipping Sauce

    Posted by Armeen Mazda on Nov 6th 2010

    This Is A Tasty Sauce. Could Be A Little Cheesy For Some, But I Love Paramesan Cheese So I Liked It. It'S Doesn'T Have Too Much Heat So And It Is Very Flavorful, So I Recommend This As A Dipping Sauce. I Used It With Fried Shrimp And It Was Delicious.
    ~Reno, Nv United States~

  • 4
    Bit Cheesy

    Posted by Nick on Sep 5th 2010

    You Can Taste More Of The Cheese Then The Heat Still A Fantastic Sauce.
    ~Broomall, Pa United States~

  • 3

    Posted by Scott Mata on Jan 9th 2010

    Nice Taste And Texture...Not Too Hot...Nice Comfortable Heat...Tastes Great On Egg Rolls.
    ~Tyler, Tx United States~