TABASCO® Orig 1950s Fused Label Glass Military Bottle - 3oz. (SOLD OUT!)

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TABASCO Orig 1950s Fused Label Glass Military Bottle - (Very Limited Availability), 3oz.: This bottle was discovered at the old TABASCO sauce factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, in 1988. The TABASCO sauce Military Bottle is unique. It was manufactured in the early 1950s by Corning Illinois (now Owens Illinois). The larger 3-oz. size and extra-heavy glass design made it ideal for rugged military use. This bottle was never offered in civilian markets, nor has it been produced since. Unlike traditional TABASCO sauce bottle paper labels, the Military bottle has a baked-on color label. The familiar colors of the TABASCO sauce label are actually fused to the glass, making it especially durable. Prior to the release of this bottle, TABASCO brand pepper sauce had only been available in the original 2-oz size. Through the years, little has changed, about the distinctive bottle design, originally trademarked in 1868. The Military Bottle is the last of its kind – a valuable addition to your collection.

Bottle is in new condition and comes empty. Really heavy, thick glass, along with a marvelous fused-on painted label – you can feel every letter! Dimensions: 6” tall x 1 ½” wide at widest point. ‘McIllhenny’ is in raised lettering on the cap. The cap is the only red on the bottle, as the front and back graphics were produced in green, black and white as camouflage. Really great gift for the Tabasco connoisseur or for your TABASCO sauce lover in the field!