Nagasoreass Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Nagasoreass Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 148ml): Warning! This fiery sauce is as vicious as the creature portrayed on the label! It's a tasty blend, made with the World's two hottest chiles! This raptoresque elixir will devour your taste buds, leave a fiery trail through your system, and bite once more when leaving. Watch Out! It could leave you with a SoreAss! A must try!

Ingredients: Chiles (Red Savina, Naga Jolokia), Vinegar, Onion, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Salt, and Spices.

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Flavor!

    Posted by Justin Emlay on May 21st 2014

    I Don'T Believe The Advertised Rating At All But It Doesn'T Matter. The Heat From This Is Great And The Flavor Is Awesome!
    ~Los Angeles, Ca United States~

  • 5
    Vinyldisorder Team Gives This A Go!

    Posted by Vinyl Disorder on Nov 7th 2012

    Excellent Name!!! Great Flavor.. A Must Have For The Collection. A Nice Thick Sauce :)
    ~Mission Viejo, Ca United States~

  • 4
    Where'S The Heat???

    Posted by Brian Mutschler on Apr 9th 2012

    Was Expecting Some Real Heat From This One. Sad To Say It Was A Let Down In That Department. But On The Other Hand It Was One Of The Best Flavored Sauces I Have Tried. Has A Bit Of A Sweet Kick To It. They Need To Recheck The Scovilles On This One. I Will Buy Again Just On Flavor Points Alone.
    ~Whittaker, Mi United States~

  • 5
    This Will Always Have A Spot In My Fridge!!

    Posted by Pantlesspenguin on Mar 11th 2011

    I Think Extract Sauces Have Kind Of Ruined People'S Expectations Of Heat. That Being Said, I Did Expect This To Be Hotter. But, It Does Bring Substantial Heat. It'S A Sauce That I Can Eat Straight & Douse On Food & Still Enjoy The Taste. I'M Looking Forward To Trying This On Pizza & Tacos. Also, Something Tells Me That This Would Also Go Amazingly Well W/ Sushi.
    ~Overland Park, Ks United States~

  • 3
    No Heat, Tasty As Hell

    Posted by Nogud247 on Aug 26th 2010

    This Is A Thick Sauce Made With The Hottest Peppers In The World. The Heat Seams As If They Waved Said Peppers Over The Batch And Called Them Included. It Has An Excellent Flavor But No Heat. Shouldn'T Be Labeled As Hot Sauce, Maybe A Ketchup Substitute.
    ~Chillihead, Ks United States~

  • 4
    Excellent Flavor

    Posted by Kyle Sullivan on Feb 10th 2010

    This Sauce Was Not As Hot As I Expected, Bhut The Flavor Is Excellent. It Was Particularily Good In Salsa. I Will Definately Buy Again.
    ~Cleveland, Oh United States~

  • 5
    A Great Sauce You Can Taste Before The Heat

    Posted by Amedee Nedeau on Sep 15th 2009

    I Don'T Know About The Sore- Ass, But It'S A Great Sauce. Real Good Building Heat And A Fantastic Taste! A Real Must Try As Is. Over And Over And Over One Of My Favorites.
    ~Gilford, Nh United States~

  • 3
    Good Flavor, Not Really Hot

    Posted by Terrym on May 17th 2009

    Don'T Know If I Got A Bad Batch Or What But There'S Not Really Any Heat With This One, Despite Its Near 1Mil Shu Rating. The Flavor Is Pretty Good Though. Heat'S Somewhere Around 2X Tabasco And I'M Fairly Disappointed.
    ~Woodbridge, Va United States~

  • 5
    Great Flavor

    Posted by Liam on Feb 19th 2009

    Tomatoes, Naga, And Savina'S Are The Stars Here In The Flavor Department. The Sauce Isn'T Thick Or Thin. Worth The Ten Dollars, Due To The Fact You Can Really Taste The Naga'S Fruity Taste, But The Flavor Of The Tomatoes Makes It Tolerable Unlike A Pure Naga Paste Where You Mouth Just Goes Numb After 15 Seconds. The Heat Starts Small And Builds Up Pretty Strong For A Non Extact Sauce. Great Glowing Burn. Heat 8.5/ 10+; Flavor 10/10; Value 9/10 (10+ Is For Sauces That Use Extracts)
    ~Concord, Nh United States~