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Mad Dog 357 Mark of the Beast 6 Million Pepper Extract, 1oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 6,000,000
List Price: $79.00
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Item Code: HSC1515
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Mad Dog 357 Mark of the Beast 6 Million Pepper Extract, 1oz.: Mad Dog 357 Mark of the Beast Pepper Extract, 1oz. Have you tried all the extracts in the Mad Dog 357 arsenal? Think you can handle this devilish new extract? Think again. This devil has left his mark inside the bottle, and you need superhuman strength to take it on.

In fact, the bottle can barely contain the terror found inside. We've had to add an extra layer of protection. The collector's wooden box hardly hides the tissue tearing 6 million Scoville heat units found in every drop. It certainly pays tribute to the quality HPLC-Certified heat that will leave you begging for mercy. Don't be surprised when it doesn't come before the fires of hell consume you entirely. This extract may tempt you into being good again - if only to escape an eternity of pain. 1 oz bottle.

Ingredients: HPLC-Certified pepper extract. (May contain soybean oil.)

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