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MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-267   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #267 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-273   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #273
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-280   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #280
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-281   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #281
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-287   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #287
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-294   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #294
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-297   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #297 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2007-Halloween-298   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2007, 2oz. - #298 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2008-Halloween   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2008 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2009-Halloween   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2009, Hand Blown Pumpkin Bottle - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2010-Halloween-34   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2010, Triple Stacked Fury - #34/#25 of 99 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2011-Halloween-50   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2011, Globe of Fury! - Low #50 of #199 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2011-Halloween-9   Blair's Reserve Halloween 2011, Globe of Fury! - Very Low #9 of #199 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-Halloween-05-06-07   Blair's Reserve Halloween Set 2005, 2006, & 2007, 3/2.5oz. - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2004-Holiday   Blair's Reserve Holiday 2004, 4oz. - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2005-Holiday   Blair's Reserve Holiday 2005, 2oz. - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-2006-Holiday   Blair's Reserve Holiday 2006, 7oz. - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-Le-Million-226   Blair's Reserve Le Million, 2oz. - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N59-56   Blair's Reserve N-59, 2oz. - #56 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N259-09   Blair's Reserve N2-59, 2oz. - #09 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N259-55   Blair's Reserve N2-59, 2oz. - #55 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N359-08   Blair's Reserve N3-59, 2oz. - #08 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N359-26   Blair's Reserve N3-59, 2oz. - #26 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-N359-31   Blair's Reserve N3-59, 2oz. - #31
MISC-Blairs-T99   Blair's Reserve T-99, 2oz. - Blue - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-T299-08   Blair's Reserve T2-99, 2oz. - #08 - SOLD!
MISC-Blairs-T299-80   Blair's Reserve T2-99, 2oz. - #80
MISC-Blairs-T299-83   Blair's Reserve T2-99, 2oz. - #83
MISC-Blairs-T299-87   Blair's Reserve T2-99, 2oz. - #87 - SOLD!
1366SM   Blair's Salsa De La Muerte con Chipotle, 5oz.
1822   Blair's Sudden Death Sauce w/ Ginsing, 5oz.
HSC-1822   Blair's Sudden Death Sauce w/ Ginsing, 5oz. (HALF CASE SALE)
HSC-Blairs-Super-6-Death-Set   Blair's Super Six Death Sauce Gift Set 6/5oz.
1793   Blair's Sweet Death Sauce with Mango, 5oz.
HSC-Blairs-Ultimate-9-Gift-Set   Blair's Ultimate 9 Death Sauce Gift Set, 9/5oz. (On Back Order)
HSC-Blairs-Milder-Hotter-Set   Blair's Ultra Pure Death 4 Pack, 4/5oz.
HSC-Blairs-Death-Reserve-Set   Blair's Ultra Reserve Death Gift Pack, 6/5oz, 2/2oz.
HSC-Blairs-Mildest-6-Pack   Blair's Wimpy Death Sauces Six Pack, 6/5oz.
1642   Blair's XXX Sudden Death Beef Jerky, 2oz.
1272BB   Blind Betty's Blind In The Rind Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1396   Blind Betty's Original Recipe Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1547   Blind Betty's Pineapple Pizzazz Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1786   Blowout Habanero Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1494BC   Blue's BBQ Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce, 5oz.
1236BL   Bomb Laden Mad Blast Habanero Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1179BL   Bone Lee’s Original Gourmet Hot Sauce, 5oz.
HSC-BONE-SUCKIN-SET-HOT   Bone Suckin BBQ Gift Set, Hot
HSC-BONE-SUCKIN-SET-MILD   Bone Suckin BBQ Gift Set, Mild
2308   Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce, HOT, 16oz.
2307   Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce, Original, 16oz.
1278BS   Bone Suckin' Habanero Sauce Hiccuppin Hot, 5oz.
2363   Bone Suckin' Hot and Thick Barbecue Sauce, 16oz.
9138   Bone Suckin' Sauce Rib Rub HOT, 6.2oz.
3494BS   Bone Suckin' Sauce Rib Rub, 6.2oz.
3035   Bone Suckin' Sweet Hot Mustard, 12oz.
2362   Bone Suckin' Teriyaki Barbecue Sauce, 13.25oz.
2364   Bone Suckin' Thick Barbecue Sauce, 16oz.
3453BQ   Bourbon Q Gold Reserve Roasted Garlic and Chipotle Kentucky Bourbon BBQ, 12.7oz.
1507BI   Boyle's Irish Scream Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1966BN   Brand New Asshole Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1102   Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce, Hot, 5oz.
3538BW   Budweiser BBQ Sauce, 18oz.
3486BW   Budweiser Honey BBQ Sauce, 18oz.
1750   Budweiser Hot and Spicy Wing Sauce, 14oz.
1698   Budweiser Mild and Tangy Wing Sauce, 14oz.
3912BW   Budweiser Smoked BBQ Sauce, 18oz.
1763   Budweiser Steak Sauce, 10oz.
1690   Budweiser Sweet Barbecue Sauce, 18oz.
1114   Bufalo Chipotle Mexican Hot Sauce, 5.8oz.
1113   Bufalo Jalapeno Mexican Hot Sauce, 5.5oz.
HSC_Bufalo_Mexican_Set   Bufalo Mexican Hot Sauce Set, 2/5.5oz.
1967BB   Buhba's Butt Blaster X-Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1426   Bull Shit Seasoning, 12oz.
1184   Bull Snort Cowboy Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1818   Bull Snort Smokin' Toncils Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1194   Bull Snort Texas Sweat Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1817   Bull Snort Texas Tongue Torch Three Pepper Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1511BO   Burn in Hell Osama!!! Pure Evil Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1267   Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3731   Busha Browne's Spicy Jerk Sauce, 5oz.
1761   Busha Browne’s Honey Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Sauce, 12oz.
1334   Busha Browne’s Hot Pepper Sherry, 5oz.
1844   Busha Browne’s Smoky Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Sauce, 12oz.
1132   Busha Browne’s Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub, 4oz.
1217BP   Butt Pucker XX Hot Sauce, 5.7 oz.
1921   Butt Twister Butt Blazin Fire Sauce, 5oz.
1502   Buttplug Relief Extra Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3756CA   Caboom! Black Bean and Corn Gourmet Salsa, 16oz.
1813CB   CaBoom! Gourmet Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1167   CaJohn's Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce, 6.8oz.
1380EL   Cajohn's El Chupacabra Hot Sauce, 5oz.
2368CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Cherry Salsa, 16oz.
9125CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Cranberry Salsa, 16oz.
9128CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Mango Burst Salsa, 16oz.
2366CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Peach Salsa, 16oz.
2358CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Pineapple Salsa, 16oz.
2342CA   Cajohn's Gourmet Raspberry Chipotle Salsa, 16oz.
2327CA   Cajohn's Gourmet Raspberry Salsa, 16oz.
2347CA   CaJohn's Gourmet Strawberry Salsa, 16oz.
1534CA   Cajohn's Lethal Ingestion Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce, 2oz.
MISC-CaJohns-CavEmp-39   CaJohn's Original Caveat Emptor 2007, 4oz. - #39
1706R   CaJohn's Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce, 5oz.
2301   Cajohn's Reaper Super Hot Salsa, 16oz.
1402C   Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1693C   Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Puree, 2oz.
3040   Cajohn’s Apple Smoked Spiced Rum Ancho Barbeque Sauce, 16oz.
3031   Cajohn’s Mesquite Smoked Raspberry Vodka New-Mex Barbeque Sauce, 16oz.
3417   Cajohn’s Mesquite Smoked Tequila Lime Chile Barbeque Sauce, 16oz.
1476   Cajohn’s Trinidad Scorpion BBQ Sauce, 16oz.
2355   Cajohn’s Trinidad Scorpion Salsa, 16oz.
1539   Cajun Power Garlic Sauce, 8oz.
1126CP   Cajun Power Spicy Garlic All Purpose Sauce, 8oz.
1804CP   Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce, 6oz.
1095   Calavera Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1363CT   CamelToe Chipotle Mango Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1479   Captain Sorensen's Datil Pepper Sauce (Fire Hydrant Bottle), 15oz.
HSC-Captain-Thoms-Zombie-Set   Captain Thoms Zombie Gift Set, 3/5oz.
1913   Caribbean Condiment Pirates Blend Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1417C   Challenge Chocolate Habanero Pepper Chili Plant
1471C   Challenge Ghost Chili Magic Plant-1,000,000 SHU
1347C   Challenge Scorpion Pepper Magic Plant-1,400,000 SHU
3606   Cheech 3 Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set, 3/5oz.
1076   Chef Fartenburn's Gourmet Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3903CD   Chicks Dig Me Mango Chipotle Grilling Sauce, 12.7oz.
9169   Chile Pepper Republic Authentic Caribbean Jerk Rub, 5oz.
9167   Chile Pepper Republic Carib Key Lime Jerk, 5oz.
9164   Chile Pepper Republic Carib Key Lime Spice, 5oz.
9166   Chile Pepper Republic Carib Mango Guava Magic, 5oz.
9158   Chile Pepper Republic Coffee Bourbon Molasses Rub, 5oz.
9161   Chile Pepper Republic Rage'N Cajun Seafood Seasoning, 5oz.
1181CH   Chipotle Del Sol Smokin' Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1219CY   Choke Your Chicken Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3722CC   Choke Your Chicken Wing Sauce w/ Giant Chicken Keychain, 12oz.
1856CG   Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1408CL   Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1432CH   Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1080   Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce, 5oz.
HSC-Cholula-4-Pack   Cholula Hot Sauce Variety 4-Pack, 4/5oz.
1106   Cholula Original Hot Sauce 1/2 Gallon, 64oz.
1105   Cholula Original Hot Sauce with Wooden Topper, 12oz.
1104   Cholula Original Hot Sauce with Wooden Topper, 5oz.
1560   Chopper Chile Habanero Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1834ALA   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Alabama Crimson Tide, 5oz.
1834ARK   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Arkansas Razorbacks, 5oz.
1834AS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Arkansas State Red Wolves, 5oz.
1834AUB   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Auburn Tigers, 5oz.
1834BB   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Baylor Bears Hot Sauce, 5oz.
1834CB   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Cincinnati Bearcats, 5oz.
1834CLEM   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Clemson Tigers, 5oz.
1834EC   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Eastern Carolina Pirates, 5oz.
1834FLA   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Florida Gators, 5oz.
1834FSU   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Florida State Seminoles, 5oz.
1834GEO   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Georgia Bulldogs, 5oz.
1834GT   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 5oz.
1834ILL   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Illinois Fighting Illini, 5oz.
1834IU   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Indiana Hoosiers, 5oz.
1834IO   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Iowa Hawkeyes, 5oz.
1834IS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Iowa State Cyclones, 5oz.
1834KU   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Kansas Jayhawks, 5oz.
1834KS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Kansas State Wildcats, 5oz.
1834KY   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Kentucky Wildcats, 5oz.
1834RC   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Louisiana Ragin Cajuns, 5oz.
1834LSU   Collegiate Hot Sauce - LSU Tigers, 5oz.
1834MT   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Memphis Tigers, 5oz.
1834MIA   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Miami Hurricanes, 5oz.
1834MS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Michigan State Spartans, 5oz.
1834MI   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Mississippi State Bulldogs, 5oz.
1834NCS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - NC State Wolfpack, 5oz.
1834NEB   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Nebraska Cornhuskers, 5oz.
1834NC   Collegiate Hot Sauce - North Carolina Tar Heels, 5oz.
1834OS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Ohio State Buckeyes, 5oz.
1834OU   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Oklahoma Sooners, 5oz.
1834OK   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Oklahoma State Cowboys, 5oz.
1834OM   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Ole Miss Rebels, 5oz.
1834PS   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Penn State Nittany Lions, 5oz.
1834PB   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Purdue Boilermakers, 5oz.
1834USC   Collegiate Hot Sauce - South Carolina Gamecocks, 5oz.
1834TENN   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Tennessee Volunteers, 5oz.
1834TAM   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Texas A&M Aggies, 5oz.
1834TX   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Texas LongHorns, 5oz.
1834TT   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Texas Tech Red Raiders, 5oz.
1834MA   Collegiate Hot Sauce - UMASS Minutemen, 5oz.
1834UM   Collegiate Hot Sauce - University of Michigan Wolverines, 5oz.
1834MO   Collegiate Hot Sauce - University of Missouri Tigers, 5oz.
1834WISC   Collegiate Hot Sauce - University of Wisconsin Badgers, 5oz.
1834VT   Collegiate Hot Sauce - Virginia Tech Hokies, 5oz.
1834WV   Collegiate Hot Sauce - West Virginia Mountaineers, 5oz.
1893CB   Colon Blow Red Habanero Enima, 5oz.
1288CC   Colon Cleaner (Professor Phardtpounders), 6oz.
1508   Crapper Jon's Ultra Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3467   Crazy Jerry's Backfire X Hot Oyster Sauce, 13oz.
1328   Crazy Jerry's Biker Trash D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F., 5oz.
3457   Crazy Jerry's Boot Scootin Garlic Mushrooms, 12.5oz.
1842   Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage Mind Blowin Hot Sauce, 5oz.
2356   Crazy Jerry's Crankcase Biker Trash Salsa, 12oz.
1846   Crazy Jerry's Devil's Brew Garlic Hot Sauce, 5oz.
3492   Crazy Jerry's Dude Ranch Durty Black Bean Dip, 16oz.
3725   Crazy Jerry's Hot N' Chile Cheese Dip, 16oz.
3464   Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Habanero Stuffed Olives, 5oz.
3463   Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeno Stuffed Olives, 5oz.

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